Earn Money with MyVoice!

Want to make your voice heard? Want to be paid to make your voice heard? There are lot of clients interested in what you have to say that they pay to hear it! This is the “leitmotiv” of MyVoice!

MyVoice gives you the chance to express your opinions, when you want to. They aim to let the nation know what the people think, on topics from the light-hearted to the more serious, from local and regional to national and beyond. MyVoice began in Japan in 1998 and the community in the UK is almost 100,000 strong now and growing every day.

It is a community and if you join it, you will have to answer some questions, in order to gain points, which can be redeemed against retailer vouchers as Amazon, John Lewis, Debenhams..!

To join the panel, you have to click here. For the first step they will ask 6 questions about you, they send you a confirmation e-mail and pop 250 points in your account. You can earn £1 – £2 doing interesting surveys or earn £10 – £20 doing 1hr “groups”. If you don’t like the service you can leave at any time with 1 click and  they’ll not contact you again.




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