Free Birds Eye Stir Your Senses meal

Today there’s another fantastic freebie from Sainsbury’s for their online shoppers. You can get for FREE any Birds Eye Stir Your Senses meal!

Choose among:

– Birds Eye Pappardelle Bolognese: This  dish combines smooth fresh egg pappardelle pasta with a full-bodied juicy tomato ragù, creamy mozzarella and the finest UK and Irish beef mince.

– Birds Eye Penne Arrabbiata: chicken and penne pasta, smothered in a fiery sauce. Made with extra virgin olive oil, aubergines, red pepper and chilli.

– Birds Eye Rigatoni Carbonara: This delicious dish combines tubes of rigatoni pasta with pieces of smoked bacon and an indulgent creamy cheese sauce.

– Birds Eye South Indian Curry: succulent chicken and basmati rice with delicate spices and a spark of chilli in a creamy yoghurt and coconut sauce.

– Birds Eye Tagliatelle & Mushroom: ribbons of fresh egg pasta with light, creamy sauce and the earthy richness of porcini and champignon mushrooms.

– Birds Eye Thai Chicken Rice: marinated chicken with delicate basmati rice and a sauce crafted from coconut, red chilli, lime, lemongrass and ginger.

cLICK HERE! Do your shop and then add any Birds Eye Stir Your Senses meal to your basket and enter code FREESTIRBE at checkout to get it for free.


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