Free BOL Meal Pot

If you love the BOL food, this is a wonderful day for you because they are giving away FREE meal pots!

If you want to eat well, you have to try this bowls: inside on these bowls there are great dishes from Asia  to South America, all under 450 calories. They are easy to cook because you have only to put them in the microwave and wait!

So if you don’t have so much time for your launch break and you need something quick to eat but also healthy, this may be the right choice for you! (of course, if you have a microwave in the office).

BOL is giving away FREE meal pots. To get your FREE POT, click here and print your coupon and take it to Tesco or Sainsubry’s to redeem! You can choose among Veg BOLs,  Super BOLs or Noodle BOLs!