Free CARTE NOIRE espresso Capsules

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The Insiders is a network of influential consumers in Europe. Insiders participate in learning more about interesting products and they share their experiences with friends, family and colleagues and help great products to become better known.

The Network is live for different years in Italy, France and Germany and now it opens the door also to the UK market.

The Network invites you to try the new range of espresso capsules CARTE NOIRE. 

CARTE NOIRE espresso capsules are compatible with Nespresso machines and are now widely available in UK supermarkets.

The Insiders are looking for 500 espresso lovers with a Nespresso  machine who are eager to discover the CARTE NOIRE Espresso Collection.

What’s inside your exclusive Insider pack: 

  • 10 CARTE NOIRE boxes with 10 capsules each to enjoy and share with family, friends and colleagues:
  • 2 x n°5 Espresso Excellence
  • 2 x n°6 Café Long Authentique
  • 2 x n°7 Espresso Intense
  • 2 x n°9 Espresso Aromatique
  • 2 x n°10 Espresso Délicat
  • 1 Campaign Guide
  • 1 CARTE NOIRE Tasting Notes
  • 2 CARTE NOIRE Espresso Glasses

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