Free Choco Liebniz Biscuits

If you are a Leibniz Biscuit Lover and you also like reading we have the right competition for you: Leibniz are giving away one Kindle Paperwhite and a selection of delicious Choco Leibniz biscuits , including the new Choco Leibniz White biscuits,(delicious creamy white chocolate wrapped around a crisp cocoa biscuit) which are exclusively available at Sainsbury’s.

So, this new Kindle Paperwhite is designed to deliver the best reading experience: it is over 30% lighter than iPad mini and there’s no screen glare in bright sunlight. So if you travel a lot but want always a book with you, or you don’t have enough place at home for new books, the Kindle is a perfect solution, to have all the books you desire in one single box!

P.S. and the EBOOKS cost even less then books. For example on Amazon you’ll find ebook for Kindle for only 1£ 

So, would you like to take part to the contest for your chance to win Leibniz biscuits and the Kindle?

Click here, answer one question and then enter your details!

Free box of After Eight