Free City Kitchen ready meals

Today for lunch I had the “City kitchen vegetables coconut & lentil pilaf ready meal and I must say it tastes delicious. I haven’t tried this ready meals range before and as I headed to the website I found that there are many boxes, for every tastes.

Whether you choose King Prawn, Chicken & Chorizo Paella or Shredded Hoisin Duck Noodles, there’s a meal to suit every palate at The City Kitchen.

So I’m going to buy them tomorrow 😀 Fortunately I have a Tesco near me (you can find them exklusive only to Tesco)!

But the most important thing is that on the website I also find that they are launching a competition, a free prize draw where you can win one of ten Whirlpool MAX microwaves! 

You also get the chance to get your money back (you must purchase a City Kitchen 450g main meal or City Kitchen snacking range bearing the ‘City Kitchen: Delicious or Your Money Back’ on-pack message in the form of an on-pack sticker or printed on promotional packaging and then upload your receipt).

How to enter the competiton and get money back

To enter the competition you have only to click here and enter your details. You must write what you loved about the City Kitchen meal for your chance to win! On the site you also find the T&C to get your money back!

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