Free Dove – Beauty Cream Bar

TOLUNA is looking for Tester! Today you can sign up to try the Dove – Beauty Cream Bar!  There are 285 Products available and you can sign up until 24/11/2014.

To sign up and see if you qualify as Tester follow these instructions: CLICK HERE and sign up or log in to your Toluna Account. After you complete the sign up you will receive  a confirmation email, where you have to click the link you’ll find  to confirm your account. Once back on the site go to the top of the page where it says “Explore”, click on that, then click “Test products”. Click on where it says “Test”.  Answer the question and you are done. If you are selected they will email you and let you know in about 2-4 weeks.

Don’t forget that with Toluna you can earn money and rewards by participating in surveys. Everytime you take one survey, you collect points, that you can reedem for rewards (as Xbox, Gift cards and much more)

Then you will find the Gifties programm, an istant win game where you can redeem a small number of points for your chance to win big.( For example, you will need only 50 points for one Chanel n.5 perfume, or 10 points for one USB mug warmer)

Every month you’ll find a prize draw: each month the prizes will be won by 20 lucky winners : 1x £2,000 in cash, 1x £1,000 in cash , 1x £500 in cash, 2x £150 in cash, 3x £100 gift vouchers, 12x £75 gift vouchers. To win you’ll need to have a ticket for the prize draw. The first month there is nothing for you to do, as your registration to the website automatically entitles you to a ticket. In the following months you can purchase as many tickets as you want; for each ticket you will need to convert 500 points. Need more information? click here, then “Explore”, then “Rewards centre”.