Free FA Active Sport Ginkgo

Feel the new energy with FA Active Sport Ginkgo! 

Reload your energy after sport or after a heavy day: Fa Active Sport Ginkgo Foam Bath reloads you with energy while you are enjoing the aromatic and invigorating fragrance which provides you with a feeling of recovery and regeneration.

Today you can try the FA foam bath for free: TOLUNA is looking for 300 product testers! You can sign up till 1st December and qualify as tester. If you will be chosen, you will test the product with your family and then you will be invited to share your opinion about the product.

To sign up and see if you qualify as Tester follow these instructions: CLICK HERE and sign up or log in to your Toluna Account. After you complete the sign up you will receive  a confirmation email, where you have to click the link you’ll find  to confirm your account. Once back on the site go to the top of the page where it says “Explore”, click on that, then click “Test products”. Click on where it says “Test”.  Answer the question and you are done. If you are selected they will email you and let you know in about 2-4 weeks.