Free gelato at BellaItalia

In recent years, the restaurants you knew as “Bella Pasta” took on the Bella Italia name to reflect the wide range of Italian inspired food on offer.

Now customers young, old, new and long-standing all enjoy authentic Italian pasta dishes, innovative calzones, new grills, delicious burgers and classic pizzafavourites.

Bella Italia has a mission: it wants to make your evenings more awesome, giving you the chance to win desserts, yummy food, cocktails! Play with Bella Italia and you can win Free Ice Creams, Breakfast or Brunch 2per1,  Happy Hour 2for1 and much more!

They have got tonnes of free cocktails, tasty gelato and yummy food to give away!

Click here and spin the wheel to see what you get!

Free Hit Bahlsen Biscuits