Free Lenor Amber Flower

Many surprises in october from Supersavvyme! The first surprise we want to introduce is that you can win a year’s supply of new Lenor Amber Flower!

There are 31 prizes of 1 year’s supply of lenor Amber Flower (6 x 925ML) to be won over the competition period!

About Lenot Amber Flower

If you haven’t tried this new product yet, you must know that Lenor Amber Flower’s delicate and fruity scent is brightened with bitter-sweet aromas of orange. With intense white musk and vibrant gardenia at its heart, it provides long-lasting gentle freshness.

Enter and win! 

To enter the competition you must be a member of Supersavvyme: sign up now or log in! click here! If you haven’t won today, you can try everyday until 31st october! Good luck!

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