Free Lux White Impress Soap Bar

This week TOLUNA has partnered with Lux  to give all the users the chance to try for free the new Lux White Impress Soap Bar. There are 576 products available.

This new soap bar makes your skin feel soft, clean and radiant!You will really see a difference of lightening in your skin.

Would you like to test it for free? Sign up to Toluna! Try for free today this product: click here!

Sign up or log in to your Toluna Account. After you complete the sign up you will receive  a confirmation email, where you have to click the link you’ll find  to confirm your account. Once back on the site go to the top of the page where it says “Explore”, click on that, then click “Test products”. Click on where it says “Test”.  Answer the question and you are done. If you are selected they will email you and let you know in about 2-4 weeks.