Free sample John West Spreadables + Gold Kiwi fruit

John West Spreadables are the latest innovation from John West. Do you already know what Spreadables are?

Spreadables is a range of six delicious fillers with the perfect texture to make sensational sandwiches quick and easy. They come in single serve 80g ring pull cans ans they taste delicious!

There are 10,000 samples of John West Spreadables and 12.500 Gold Kiwi fruit to be claimed!

If you are already a Sainsbury’s customern and you shop always online you may know that sometimes you can get free samples, simply by adding them to your basket at the checkout.

At Sainsbury’s they are usually giving away free samples of food; in the last weeks they gave away free samples of Innocent drinks, chocolate, and much more.

So, to get your samples you have to click here for the John West Spreadables or here for Gold Kiwi Fruit!

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