Free sample of Amele Freshen-Up Wipe and Intimate Wash

You, girls, we have a fantastic freebie for you: today you can order a sample pack of Amele products. Amele developed a complete range of top quality specialist products, designed and formulated especially for feminine intimate care.

They produce a unique range of top quality products for every woman’s intimate needs, using natural ingredients wherever possible, manufactured to and robustly tested against the highest standards ensuring their products are made in an ethical, honest and caring way.

Would  you like to order your sample pack? Click here and enter your details.

The sample pack includes:

  • X1 individually wrapped amele® Essential Intimate Freshen-Up Wipe (p.s. win a year’s supply of Baby wipes)
  • X1 sachet of amele® Essential Intimate Wash 5ml
  • X1 sachet of amele® Smooth Intimate Shave 5ml

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