Free samples A2 MILK

If you love drinking milk and cereals for breakfast or as a snack in the evening but you have experienced digestive issues, maybe the milk is the cause but you don’t have to stop drinking it, because at Sainsbury’s you can find the A2 milk.

We love shopping at Sainsbury’s because we get always free stuff: don’t forget to claim your free sample John West Spreadables + Gold Kiwi fruit

About A2Milk

You are wondering what is it, and we give you the answer: it’s a special milk with only the A2 protein; the A2 protein is easy to digest rather then A1, (contained in normal milk) so you won’t ever experience stomach pain or skin irritations.

How to get your A2 sample

Sainbury’s is giving you the chance to try this new milk for free: you have only to click here and  enter code FREEA2MILK at the checkout to claim your free milk.

There are 4,400 free A2 Milk 1L to be claimed!