Free Soreen Squidgy Cake

Previously we told you can get your free Pizza at Papa John’s and today you can get free goodies from Soreen.

The new competition is sponsored by Soreen: when do you eat  the Malt Loaf? For Breakfast or as a snack? Maybe you know that the Malt loaf is a common snack food in the United Kingdom. It has a sweet taste and a very chewy texture like very heavy, soft bread and it is usually eaten sliced and spread with butter.

Spring is coming and we have a great competition for you! Try to win a year’s supply of Sooren and the new squidgy cake!

The new Squidgy cake is a super tasty, super gooey toffee and malt cake that’s as totally squidelicious as it sounds

Enter the tastiest competition ever, for the chance to gorge on a year’s supply of Soreen and the new Squidgy Cake. click here!

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