Free Valentino Uomo Edition Noire

After the chance to request a sample of Valentino Uomo, you can enter now the Fragrance Direct Competition for your chance to win a bottle of Valentino Uomo Edition Noire.

Valentino Uomo Edition Noire is enveloped by the limpid elegance of zesty bergamot and its surprising hint of spice. Barely touched by myrtle, it opens with racy notes of coffee and the shimmering tones of gianduja cream, in a memorable enticing duo. It is retained by an enveloping musky hint of white leather that reveals the majesty of cedar. A classic accord, softly smoky woody, with a touch of vagueness that upsets the balance, it is an expression of unmistakable style. That of a man whose apparent complexity is nothing more than the expression of a sophistication, as secret as it is intense. A deep and fascinating beauty.

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