How to re-use clothespins

Perhaps you thought you could not make anything good with clothespins. That is not true. This article discusses several creative things that you could create out of clothespins. Some of these include homemade gifts, dolls, educational games, wreaths and décor among many more things as outlined below.


1) clothespin backdrop


2) Clothespin wall


3) Heart wreath
-This is a children’s project.
-It is made by clothespins collected from a store at your either home or supermarket

clothespin heart wreath

4) Chore chart

images (4)

5) Reindeer


6) Candle holder


7) Magnet gift set: you can give out as a party favor this perfect and cheap gift. It could also be used as a token of appreciation for neighbors, teachers and friends.


8) Bug spelling word: this activity would allow students to match a given pattern of letters and therefore improve on their skills.

butterfly clips

9) Preschool number wheel: this is a fun counting exercise where kids use clothespin to select the corresponding numbers in circle sections.

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10) Color matching strips: this is an exercise aimed at improving eye-hand coordination

Busy Bag - Color Tints Clothespin Match

11) Christmas countdown calendar: use clothespins to count down the remaining days to Christmas.


12) Starburst mirror

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