How to recycle used coffee grounds

If you want to save money, one of the best things you can do with the stuff you aren’t going to use anymore is to recycle it. There are countless options out there but sometimes we don’t know where to find the information and therefore just throw things away without knowing all the potential they have. Well, you have come to the right place because I have an idea that I’m sure you are going to like.

Most probably there’s someone in your household that likes drinking coffee, right? Then I’m going to teach how to recycle used coffee grounds.

Read the whole article because there are many different things you can do with your used coffee grounds. Let’s take a look:

1. One of the things you can do with used coffee grounds is use them as odor eaters. If you think your fridge or freezer has an unpleasant smell because of all the different foods you have stored in them, simply put a bowl inside them with a dry used coffee ground. They are also great to get rid of the smell of garlic or onion that stays on your fingers after cutting them up. Keep a few coffee grounds in a can under the sink, and simply take a small amount of coffee and rub it over your hands. Wash your hands with water and you will notice how the smell of garlic or onion will be completely gone instantly.

2. Used coffee grounds are also great insects deterrents. If you find many ants around your house or garden and you want to get rid of them, simply sprinkle some coffee over the areas where you tend to find them and they will disappear. This same trick will also work for snails and slugs.

3. You can also use coffee grounds to keep your cat from using your garden as a toilet. Simply mix some orange peels with used grounds and sprinkle them all over the garden. Also, if your dog has fleas, rubbing a couple of used coffee grounds into its fur right after bathing it will get rid of the problem. Just make sure you rinse your dog well straight after.

4. Used coffee grounds can also repair little scratches on your furniture. To do this, you have to mix a tablespoon of coffee ground with a teaspoon of olive oil. Dip a cotton swab into the mixture and pass it over the scratched surface of your furniture.

5. Wouldn’t it be ideal to spend less money on beauty products? Well, used coffee grounds can help you stay beautiful without spending extra money! If you want to exfoliate your skin, mix a couple of coffee grounds with some coconut oil and apply it all over your body while you are under the shower. Also, if you have acne and want to cleanse and tone your face, mix a coffee ground with enough milk to create a paste. Once that is done, simply apply it all over your face and rub it for about one minute. Now let the paste sit on your face for about half an hour and wash your face with water.

Those are just some of the countless things you can do with your used coffee grounds. Recycling certain things not only can be easy, it can also allow you to save some money which is always a positive thing.