How to save money on auto insurance

Do you want to save money on car insurance? Saving money on car insurance means that you pay fewer premiums. However, this does not imply that you will get low quality coverage or service. This article has put together a number of tips, ideas and habits to help you lower your insurance premiums without compromising quality of service in the process.

1) Carry out a cost research and analysis of insurance premiums before you buy your car.
Insurance premiums vary depending on some specific characteristics of a vehicle. Examples of these characteristics are average repair costs, price of the car and other factors such as safety record because some cars are major targets by thieves. Therefore, the car that you buy will have a great bearing on the amount of money that you will spend on insurance. Considering the cost of insurance coverage is thus highly recommended before you purchase your car.

2) Drive safer in order to save more.
If you are a careful driver, you stand to save a lot of money that you would have spent in insurance coverage. This is because those drivers with clean driving records benefit from safe driver discounts.


3) Carry out a research on other discounts that come with car insurance.
There are many auto insurance savings that you might consider capitalizing on. Some of these include discounts for college age drivers, for teens with an approved drivers’ education know-how, for professional associations, for business groups, for those who have just retired or even for alumni groups. You could also take advantage of those group plans available at your working place. Identify whether you can benefit from any of these money saving deals.

4) Drive less to save more money.
The probability of an accident increases with the increase in the number of times you drive. People who drive less than a given number of miles in any given year are offered mileage discounts by insurance companies.

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5) Raise your deductible amount.
It is a good practice to have some percentage of your car insurance premium set aside as an additional saving to cushion you whenever a claim arises because of the increased deductible.

6) Acquire safety features for your car.
It is time you equip your car with safety equipment that minimize the risk of theft or injury. For instance, acquire an alarm system, antilock brakes, running lights or automatic seatbelts. Insurers offer a car insurance discount when your car is well equipped with such safety equipment.

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7) Do a comparison of various auto insurance companies.
Different insurance companies charge their premiums at different rates for the same subject matter. You need to insure your car with a trustworthy insurance carrier that charges fair premiums. Search for information online, ask your family members or even consult your friends who have already insured their cars.

8) Keep and maintain good credit.
Nowadays, most insurance companies consider credit rating and scores when computing rates. Good credit score comes when one drives safely and has a clean history.

9) Do away with older cars so as to reduce insurance premiums paid on them.
Old cars are more prone to accidents. Maintaining an insurance coverage for such ill fated older cars becomes expensive. Why can’t you save more money on insurance by disposing off those older cars?

10) Acquire different insurance policies from one carrier
Insuring all your cars from one insurance carrier could be a good deal that would save you a lot of money.

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