How to save money with Coupons

We all need to do our grocery shopping on a weekly basis but, despite the fact we are all completely used to the idea of doing it, we can’t help but complain every single time because of all the money we spend doing it. Although you will never be able to do your shopping for free, there are certain things you can do to try and save as much money as possible while doing so. If you are interested in finding out just how to do it, and I’m sure you are, all you have to do is keep on reading this article, because I am about to give you some tips that will save you a lot of money, as well as tell you a bit about coupons.

1. Keep a little box somewhere in your kitchen to store all your coupons. Being organised is important, so whenever you find a coupon, even if you believe you will never need it, make sure you keep it somewhere you won’t forget about and where they couldn’t possibly get lost, like a little box or drawer in your kitchen.

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2. Get some in-store magazines from your local supermarket. Although not every supermarket has in-store magazines which are always free, many of them do and they all come with coupons. Since they are free, make sure you grab a couple of copies of their in-store magazine to make sure you get as many coupons as possible, that way you will end up saving money on the products you usually buy.


3. Be smart and send feedback to the companies you usually buy products from. If you love a certain brand’s product, send them a little letter, e-mail or message on Facebook letting them know how much you love it. They might send you some coupons to spend on their brand or, even better, send you some free stuff!


4. The Internet has made couponing even faster and easier, so make sure you follow your favourite brands on Facebook and Twitter and sign up to their newsletters. You will be surprised at how many discounts these companies give to their most loyal clients on the Internet.


5. Many people tend to always shop in the very same shop or supermarket, but this isn’t always the best idea. If there are a couple of supermarkets in your area, which means getting to them isn’t hard, try to find out which one of them has the products you buy regularly cheaper, and always buy certain products in one store or the other, depending on the prices.


6. Sometimes products in supermarkets come with coupons attached to them that you can use right there and then. Keep an eye out for them and don’t waste the chance to use them.


7. Some supermarkets tend to drop the price of their products every couple of weeks and, since most coupons last up to one month, it’s a wise idea to keep them and use them as late as possible, when the product you want to buy might be cheaper.

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8. Not everyone is interested in coupons, and many people just drop theirs on the floor as soon as they leave the supermarket. Just like you would pick up a £5 note, why not pick up coupons if you know you would use them?


9. Many products come in different sizes and many people think it’s cheaper to buy the big version of a certain product instead of two smaller ones, but that isn’t always the case, so use your maths knowledge!


10. If you see a product is on sale and you have coupons which will make it even cheaper, stock up on that product if you know it won’t expire anytime soon.