How you can save money on food, car, kids..

Travel costs keep on increasing every day. Money expenses on clothes, kids and food are also becoming of major concern and everyone is trying all means possible to bring down these expenditures. Costs associated with cars majorly include refueling and insurance costs. It is time people embrace ideas, habits and tips that will lead to money saving.

How can you save money on food?
Below are some indispensable strategies that you ought to keep in mind as you go out to the grocery for shopping:
-Planning; proper planning for your meals will help you cut food bills and avoid unnecessary wastage. Anytime you are going out for shopping, it is crucial to write a list after checking your store cupboard, freezer and fridge. This ensures that you buy what you exactly need. Try this idea and I assure you that you will be amazed.
-Proper storage of leftovers; do not throw this away as waste, however small the amount is.
-Carb control; this involves proper calculation of the right proportion of food that your family needs to consume at any given time. Know the exact number of people that you would like to serve and then calculate the exact proportion.
-Buy what your family loves.

How do you save money on clothes?
There are times you go out shopping and you spend all your money on clothes. What follows is nothing but mere regrets. Follow the following tips on how to avoid such regrets in future:
-Avoid the use of credit cards while shopping; credit cards will make you buy all that comes into your sight.
-Prepare a list of what kind of clothes you want before going out to the mall
-Buy clothes in places where you can bargain; buy clothes when sales deals are favorable
-Shop early in advance, especially before the beginning of festive seasons or other seasons when demand for certain type of clothing is extremely high.
-Do not buy what you want; instead buy what you require
-Remain focused and keep reminding yourself that you really need to minimize expenditure
-Consider doing your purchases online

There is also a need to save on car and travelling expenses. See the habits below:
-To cut down insurance expenses, do a comparison. What this means is that you should visit as many insurers as possible and get to know how each one of them charge for their policies. Go for the most cost effective policy.
-Insure your car with companies that offer package discounts and other forms of discounts such as those offered during certain periods, holidays and seasons.
-Car sharing services; in Britain for instance, you can get in touch with companies that offer these services. Some of these companies are Mylifts, BlaBlaCar and Liftshare. What happens is that you are connected to cars with vacant seats anytime you wish to travel.
Through car sharing services, you can enjoy the following benefits:
-Easily look for a ride; all you need is to know your departure and arrival points/cities and your date of travel. Then you are free to choose a driver who will be riding your way.
-Remain in touch; simply book your driver and seat via private message or phone.

You also need to save money on your kids. Do not allow all your money to go with the kids. Consider the following tips:
-Do not go with your kids to tempting places; these are the places where the kids would want you to buy them everything that they see on the shelves
-Remind your kids that money is a scarce resource
-Know what your kids need and buy them exactly that.


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