InkClub: a whole stock of items for 0 €

Have you ever heard about the InkClub? The Ink Club is a club that offers discounted ink. The InkClub has a new website and they want to celebrate it with you, offering you great promotions! Choose from a large selection of products from the entire range for £0. You are free to choose which one you want to buy and place it in your basket by clicking the button marked ”£0”. When you have placed a product for £0 in your basket, the offer disappears from the other products and you can no longer click on them. If you wish to change to a different offer, just remove the first £0 item from your basket.

For example you can find toners for £0 for many printers from Epson, Canon and Brother, Photo papers, mini calculators for £0, packs of eight alkaline batteries and much more! All you have to pay is the shipping of 3.95£.

So find out how it works: click here and choose the product you need (remember the sign £0). Add it to the basket and buy it!

P.S. this week you’ll get 20% off all Gillette products!