Knorr Tomato & Basil Create More Concentrated Sauce samples

Do you ejnoy cooking and are you always looking for new products to add to your list?

Then you will be happy to know that Unilever is giving away free samples of the new Knorr Tomato & Basil Create More Concentrated Sauce.

You can use this fantastic product to create individual sauces, soups and marinades. Add some taste to your creation!

About Knorr Tomato & Basil Create More Concentrated Sauce 

This concentrated Tomato and Basil sauce by KNORR is made to a classic recipe combining tomatoes, basil and a hint of garlic. Add fresh ingredients to make it your own or use the concentrated sauce directly by adding water till your required consistency.

Ans it’s wonderful because there’s no artificial colours, preservatives and flavourings on it and it is gluten free, suitable for Vegans, Lactose Free and suitable for Vegetarians!

Request today your free sample: click here and enter your details.

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