Natural and extremely inexpensive tips to clean your house

There’s no doubt that cleaning is not much fun, but we all know it has to be done, right? If all the hours we spend cleaning around our house a week weren’t enough to put us off, the price of some cleaning products as well as the difficulty of getting rid of certain types of dirt make cleaning officially awful.

Sadly for you, I can’t help you clean your house. What I can do is give you some natural and extremely inexpensive tips to help you with your cleaning. If you are interested, keep on reading to find out exactly what you must use and how to do it to have your house as clean as possible without spending much money.

1. Cleaning silver cuttery is definitely a boring process, but we all want our cuttery to look as new, bright and immaculate as possible. Buying expensive products is not required here, all you need is some very basic things to make your cuttery as shiny as ever. Put a sheet of aluminium foil in the bottom of a big bowl. Now pour a glass filled with soda crystals inside the bowl and fill it with hot water. It’s time to place your cuttery inside the bowl and leave it there for about ten minutes. After that, simply wash the soda off the cuttery with abundant water and dry it with a dry piece of cloth.

2. Who hasn’t tried to get rid of red wine stains on a carpet or on clothes and failed miserably? If you have raised your hand, fear no more because I have a very inexpensive way to solve the problem in case it ever happens again. Pour some soda water over the stain then dab with a few layers of paper towel. Keep going until you notice the papers look completely clean.

3. Limescale deposits are a nightmare to clean, I’m sure you know that. The good thing is you don’t need to buy any expensive products to get rid of them, all you need is some vinegar. That’s right! Simply warm some vinegar up in a bowl and apply enough of it on any surface that is full of limescale. Let it sit for about half an hour, then rinse with water.

4. A very effective and inexpensive way of cleaning the toilet bowl is by pouring some scouring powder in it and then rubbing it with some paper towel. This is also a much more hygienic alternative to using a toilet brush.

5. We all have a laundry basket at home, and we all dislike the smell of it, don’t we? To keep it from smelling the way it usually does, place a few paper towels that have been sprinkled with some tea tree oil in it. You will soon realise your laundry basket doesn’t smell badly anymore and that it actually has a very pleasant fresh odor.

6. Cleaning the windows or any other surfaces with glass on them can get very tiring. Apart from that, a special cleaning product is required to clean them which means you have to spend money on it. Well, forget about that, all you need is to pour half a litre of vinegar in two litres of warm water and immerse a cotton towel in the mixture. Clean the windows or glasses with the soaked cotton towel and dry them with a dry piece of cloth.

Those are the most useful and cheap cleaning tips I could give you. They won’t make cleaning around any more entertaining, but being able to save some money is always a positive thing!


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