Nice Decor For Your House

Making DIY houses is real fun. It is a thing that everyone would wish to do as their hobby. These houses can be designed to assume different shapes, colors and appearances at different times of the day. Have you ever thought of how you can make yours attractive? What fascinates is the beauty and elegance of these houses at night. But perhaps you have no idea how you can unleash this attractiveness by night. I wish to assure that you have come to the right place because this article will give you the fundamental concepts that you need to implement to transform the looks of your DIY houses especially during the night hours.

Find the tips of success and the requirements below:

What do you need? Knife, Sticky tape, Tea light that mainly uses battery, Picture of a house, Pair of scissors.

What kind a picture do you need?
-The first beginning point is trying to find an impressive picture of a building or castle for that matter. There are many sources of obtaining the perfect picture that interests you. Some of these sources may include the internet, an old magazine that you really love or even a calendar for a past year. It is upon you to identify the picture to use. You can actually print a house from the photos stored in your phone or computer in soft form, if at all there is any that impresses you.

-Leave some space on all the sides of the print. The main reason for leaving this space is to allow room for wrapping the photo in a way that joins together the votive.

-The best way to go about the selection is to get a picture that is printed right in the middle as opposed to concentration on the sides. Further still; ensure that the sides of the photo that you choose have the same heights.

-The other trick is to make sure that your chosen house has large windows that anyone can see with ease. What this means is that the windows should be visible, actually from afar.

-It is always advisable to look for a photo that does not have any printing on its back side. Though this is not mandatory, it is always good to try your best to find one of this nature if possible. In case you are unable to find one, never worry. Either way, the results will be amazing.

What steps do you follow?
-Begin by cutting the photo of that building from the print out. Use a fine scissors to ensure that you cut the image along the edges and ensure that all the sides have the same heights.

-Shape the picture nicely. The parts that are no longer needed can be trimmed away.

-It is now the time to cut out the windows of your house. Place your picture on a cutting mat and then use your knife to carefully remove the windows.

-Convert your image into a cylindrical shape. This is done by wrapping it around its back side.

-Stick the cylindrical picture together using a sticky tape.

-In the event that the top side does not match properly, trim it. You can also trim any excess area at the point where you have joined the picture.

-Fix your tea light in place.

-Put on the light at night.

-What do you see? Isn’t it amazing?

-You now have all the concepts with you, it’s now up to you to put everything into practice.

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