Special K Coupons (£ 0.50 off)

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This offer is available on promotional packs of Special K Original (500g, 750g, 550g, 400g 37%EF, PMP £2.45), Special K Red Berries (320g, 500g, PMP £2.45), Special K Oats & Honey (375g, 650g), Special K Peach & Apricot (320g), Special K Chocolate (300g), and Special K Chocolate and Strawberry (320g).

There are 4 coupons available to claim:

Special K Multi-Grain Porridge sachet box Simply Original 7x27g, Red berries and Honey & almond 6x27g £0.50 / €0.50 off coupon.

Special K Biscuit Moment multi pack 5x25g £0.50 / €0.50 off coupon

Special K Cracker Crisps sharing bag 80g or multipack 4x21g £0.50 / €0.50 off coupon

Special K Granola 370g £0.50 / €0.50 off coupon

To claim a £0.50/ €0.50 off Special K products coupon, Click here, enter your details online as prompted and select which coupon you would like to print.