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Free Burt’s Bees goodies

Burt’s Bees are launching a new cleanser range, made with natural ingredients. This new range will refresh your skin, leaving it bright, clean and beautiful! To celebrate the launch of these products, Burt’s Bees are giving away fantastic prizes such as: 10 natural Cleanser Solutions Collections and 2,000 mini Cleanser boxes. If you want to win one of these prizes ...

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Win 5000 Burt’s Bees prizes

Win one of 5000 Burt’s Bees prizes! Burt’s Bees proudly creates natural products formulated to help you take care of yourself, naturally, from your lips to your toes! A Natural History of Burt’s Bees’ UK Campaign consists of 2 multiple choice questions and answers to enter a sweepstake and a chance to win one of 5000 prizes. (500 full size products ...

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