Test Products with ProductTesting!

ProductTesting.uk.com launched in early 2012. The site has given users across the UK the opportunity to test new products in return for a simple product review, which are posted on their blog. If you want to test new products, it is a good chance for you. When you sign up, in order to choose the right product for you, you are asked to answer some questions about your lifestyle and interests. The registration and the completion of the survey will take approximately 10 minutes to complete.

When you register they ask for detailed contact information and if you are selected to test products they will then contact you by the email or phone number you’ve entered during registration.

If your application is successful you will be sent the item, use the product for 7 days and then write a thorough review. Your review will be published onto thei dedicated blog which displays all of product reviews. At the end you can keep the product you tested.

So, take a look to the product they have: click here!