Win an easier life at uni for a whole year

We’re giving away a year’s worth of cracking prizes to ease the strains of uni life. From a European city break to a month of free local taxis and your own personal chef.

Enter below and check out all the details.

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The prizes:

October 2015 Prize (total prize value capped at £560): An assistant will provide cleaning, online supermarket shopping and laundry services over a four (4) consecutive week period. The laundry service does not include dry cleaning and is limited to two (2) washing machine loads of washing per week.

November 2015 Prize (total prize value capped at £1,200): Includes a chauffeur driven car for a one-way journey to the winner’s home town, one (1) meal for the winner and three (3) family members and one (1) train ticket back to the winner’s university. Journeys and meals are limited to mainland UK only and train travel is based on a standard economy seat.

December 2015 Prize (total prize value capped at £500): Covers costs of the winner using local taxi services in their university city/town for a one (1) month period.