Win one of 200 luxurious boxes of Lindt chocolate

You love your mother; she did and she does everything for you. She understands you as your best friends, maybe better, and she knows you better then all your friend. She gives her heart for you.

Say thanks to your mother: surprise her with a magical gift from Lindt.

You have the chance to win one of 200 luxurious boxes of Lindt chocolate. Simply clicking here, and liking the site.

Write the greatest gift you have received from your mother, then choose one box for her. You can choose between two boxes: LINDT SWISS LUXURY SELECTION chocolate box and LINDT MASTER CHOCOLATIER COLLECTION chocolate box.

If you win, your mum will receive the box of chocolates you’ve selected and a card printed with your message of thanks, to the delivery address you provide.

It ends on 21st March 2014