Win one year’s supply of Soreen and Loveable Loaf

This week we have some competitions that let you win food: First of all you can get your sample of Krispy Kreme Doughnut; then you can win a case of Kabuto Noodles; and you can try your luck by winning one of 200 Coupons (pro day) for your chance to get a free bag of Baby Kale.

The new competition is sponsored by Soreen: when do you eat  the Malt Loaf? For Breakfast or as a snack? Maybe you know that the Malt loaf is a common snack food in the United Kingdom. It has a sweet taste and a very chewy texture like very heavy, soft bread and it is usually eaten sliced and spread with butter.

Spring is coming and we have a great competition for you! Try to win a year’s supply of Sooren. They’re giving away a year’s supply of Loveable Loaves!

The prize for this promotion is to win one year’s supply of Soreen and Loveable Loaf merchandise! The year’s supply of Soreen will be provided as 52 vouchers worth £1.39 each.

Would you like to enter the competition?click here and enter your details!