Win with Pink Lady great Prizes

Find as many Pink Lady apples as you can to try to win amazing prizes! Click here and choose your language ( you can play also in other languages) then begin to look for the apples.

There are two levels of entry to the competition: The first level “Instant win” is accessible with no obligation to purchase by simply clicking on the Facebook competition and trying to click on as many Pink Lady apples as possible within 30 seconds, by moving around an illustration of the Pink Lady village.

The second level “Prize draw” is accessible with no obligation to purchase for any player who has entered the instant win competition, regardless of whether they won a prize or not. The player improves their chances in the prize draw by entering a single-use code on the back of labels on trays of Pink Lady apples.

The prizes for the instant win game are:
• 20 prizes of 300 pinks
• 80 prizes of 120 pinks
• 500 prizes of 10 pinks

Prizes for the prize draw are: 5 Verycook barbecues worth €330, 6 Magimix juicers worth €210 and 10 inflatable chairs
worth €290.

Let’s play now, you have time till 20/06/2014!


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