Win your favourite Nuxe Product

All I want for Christmas is……win my favourite Nuxe Product!

The NUXE Laboratory has become the leader in major beauty segments in pharmacies. N1 for anti-ageing skincare, N1 for body skincare, N1* oil in France with its famous dry oil Huile Prodigieuse. The range of NUXE skincare means that you can choose the hydrating face cream, anti-ageing cream and hydrating body cream best suited to your age and skin type

Today you can enter a great competition for your chance to win your favourite Nuxe Products up to 300£.  Choose among body creamS, face creamS and gifts.

Want to enter the competition?

Click here, register via facebook or enter your email adress. Then create your beauty whislist. Pick up to 300£ Nuxe Products. When your whislist is completed, you’ll enter the prize draw to win* your very own NUXE products hamper.

There’s more: if you invite your friends, you can win a free 100ml Huile Prodigiueuse if 3 of your friends register to the prize draw