Yves Rocher: 10,000£ of Fragrances to win!

Enter to win 10,000 £ of Fragrances! Yves Rocher has a whopping £10,000 worth of prizes to give away including ‘Secrets D’essences Vanile Noir’ and ‘So Elixir’.

All you have to do is click here, write your email, and choose your favourite fragrance between “So elixir purple“, if you like the essential oils of vetiver, bergamot, patchouli and benzoin extract; “Comme  une Evidence” if you like the damascus rose essential oil and “Cherry Bloom” if you like the essential oils of mandarin, green mandarin and patchouli.

Participants have the possibility to invite friends to participate to the game by giving their email addresses or by sharing the game on Facebook. These friends are then informed of the email of the person who invited them and will in turn, if they wish invite others to participate.

The winners will be selected by a draw on 31/05/2014 using a random selection. The participant whose name is drawn will be contacted by email by the Promoter within 15 days


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